Table Mountain Views

Table Mountain Views

Lion's HeadLion's Head as seen from the lower cable station. Lion's Head is one of the major peaks in the vicinity of Table Mountain and forms the feet of the legend of Adamastor, the giant that sleeps in the mountain. It is attached to Signal Hill which is often called the Lions Rump. There is a mountain hike which winds its way up to the top of the peak from where one can see spectacular sunsets. Adventurous hikers do this trail on the night of a full moon so that, after watching the sun set, they can turn around and watch the full moon rise. There should be sufficient time to get back down before darkness fully sets in.

The 12 ApostlesThe Twelve Apostles as seen from the top of Table Mountain. The 12 Apostles is actually an extension of the Cape Mountain Range and is the common name given to the stretch of the range that extends southwards from Table Mountain. The name is derived from the number of peaks that can be seen when viewed from the coast (though some people can count more than 12 peaks).

The Cape FlatsThe Cape Flats as seen from the top of Table Mountain. The Cape Flats is the name given to the flat strech of land that of home to a large vibrant community. It has recently become the focus of a major tourism initiative which promises to be a significant attractive feature to the Mother City, due to its rich heritage aspects. Devils Peak rises towards the right hand side of the image.

Table BayTable Bay as seen from the top of Table Mountain. Table Bay is a relatively sheltered bay along the west coast of South Africa. It is home to a bustling harbour that feeds financial activity on the city. Growth of the city can be traced back to the bay which provided easy access to the ocean.

Table MountainThe top of Table Mountain. This view of the top of Table Mountain shows it to be a reasonably flat area. Situated approximately 1km above sea level, the temperatures at this height can change rapidly and wind chill is a major factor. Walking around these sections of the mountain top is quite easy and provides wonderful views on all slopes.

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