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Budget to tour South Africa

Our currency is the South African Rand (abbrev: 'R' or 'ZAR')
The local Automatic Teller Machines (ATM's) - accept many international bank and credit cards. With South Africa's modern and sophisticated banking and commercial system, all major credit cards are accepted in shops.VAT (Value Added Tax) - 14% already included in your purchases. Foreign visitors can reclaim VAT on any purchase of R250,00 or more at any VAT office, usually situated at all major airports, provided that the tax invoice, your passport, and the goods are visible for inspection. The banks in the departure halls can give you a refund in your home currency. As this can sometimes be time consuming, allow some extra time at the airport.

Contact Details:
Vat Refund Office - Waterfront - Tel No. 021 - 4054500


Waiters and waitresses rely on tips to supplement their wages and studies and as most of them are students.
10% is acceptable minimum and given at customer's descretion according to the service.

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